Advisory Board

Our people collectively have expertise in various fields of corporate finance including investment banking, taxation, risk management and capital markets. The team’s experience spans various sectors such as Infrastructure, Real Estate, Textile, Energy, Metals, Healthcare, Chemicals, Shipping, Financial Services, IT, Agro and Paper.

Mr. A.P. Verma

Chairman, Advisory Board (Patna)

Mr. A. P. Verma stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of investment banking, boasting an impressive career that spans over four decades. With a wealth of experience, he has notably held the esteemed positions of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at SBI Capital Market Limited, the investment banking arm of India’s largest bank. Beyond his pivotal role at the Clearing Corporation of India Limited as an Additional Director, Mr. Verma continued to contribute his expertise to the financial industry, serving as an Advisor to State Bank post-superannuation.

Currently, his influence extends to the Advisory Boards of several domestic and multinational companies, spanning diverse sectors including manufacturing, services, and finance. His extensive knowledge and strategic insights make him an invaluable asset in navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving business landscape.

Mr. Nageswara Rao

Advisory Board (Bengaluru)

Mr. Nageswara Rao boasts an extensive career spanning over 36 years in the Banking Industry, marked by significant contributions to prominent institutions. His distinguished service includes roles at Vijaya Bank, Syndicate Bank, and culminating in retirement as an Executive Director from Bank of Maharashtra. Most recently, RBI appointed him as the Administrator of Reliance Capital.

Throughout his career, Mr. Rao has demonstrated a proactive approach by spearheading various initiatives across different verticals of the bank. These efforts have consistently yielded positive results, fostering tangible improvements in branch business transitions from Small to Medium and Medium to Large categories. His strategic leadership has not only enhanced operational efficiency but has also garnered laurels and accolades for the institutions he served.

A graduate in Commerce from Nagarjuna University, Mr. Nageswara Rao combines academic acumen with practical expertise. His commitment to professional development is evident through his certification as a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF), showcasing a dedication to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry standards.

Mr. T.R. Bajalia

Advisory Board (Mumbai)

Mr. T. R. Bajalia, a distinguished figure in the Indian banking sector, commenced his career in 1974 at Bank of India post which he joined IDBI in 1983.

Throughout his extensive career, Mr. Bajalia assumed pivotal roles that showcased his expertise and leadership. Notably, he served as the Deputy Managing Director at the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), contributing to the growth and support of small-scale industries. His tenure as an Executive Director at IDBI Bank further highlighted his strategic vision and impact on the institution.

Within IDBI Bank, Mr. Bajalia held the position of Principal Officer, emphasizing his crucial role in overseeing key operational aspects. Additionally, he served as a Director at SIDBI, demonstrating his multifaceted contributions to the banking sector.

An esteemed professional, Mr. Bajalia was appointed as a Member of the Committee by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the restructuring of cases with exposures less than Rs.100 million. This underscores his national recognition and involvement in critical financial matters, reflecting his commitment to regulatory standards and systemic improvement.

Mr. G.A Tadas

Advisory Board (Bengaluru)

Mr. G. A. Tadas comes with a seasoned career spanning approximately 35 years. He emerges as a distinguished professional with an extensive background in banking and diverse industries. His illustrious journey culminated as an Executive Director at IDBI Bank in Mumbai, where he dedicated 24 years of his career. During his tenure, Mr. Tadas showcased his versatility by contributing to various departments, including Corporate Banking Group, Project Appraisal, Risk Management, Corporate Strategy and Planning, Corporate Branding and Communications, Organization Development, Systems and Procedures, Divestments, and HR and Trainings.

Mr. Tadas’s influence extends beyond his institutional roles, as he actively participated as a member in committees established by prominent institutions such as the RBI, Indian Banks’ Association, and the Government of India. His multifaceted expertise and extensive involvement in key areas of banking and industry reflects a career marked by commitment, strategic vision, and a wealth of knowledge.

Mr. Vipul Singla

Advisory Board (Chandigarh)

Mr. Vipul Singla is a banking professional with an impressive career spanning over 37 years in the Banking Industry. His journey began in 1982 when he joined Allahabad Bank as a Probationary Officer, showcasing a commitment to a long and impactful career in the financial sector. His tenure culminated in April 2019 when he retired from the bank as a General Manager.

Throughout his extensive career, Mr. Singla played a crucial role in shaping the operations of Allahabad Bank across diverse regions of the country. His leadership was instrumental in overseeing the bank’s activities in the western, eastern, southern, and north-eastern parts of India, contributing to the institution’s growth and efficiency.

In terms of education, Mr. Vipul Singla holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics from Punjab University, showcasing his strong foundation in economic principles. Additionally, he has pursued a Master of Business Administration with a focus on Finance from IGNOU, Delhi, highlighting his commitment to continuous learning and expertise in financial management.

Mr. G.H. Sarangi

Advisory Board (Mumbai)

Mr. G. H. Sarangi is a banking professional with a remarkable career spanning 36 years, marked by expertise in various facets of commercial banking. His specialization includes Credit Administration, Credit Processing, Credit Monitoring, NPA Management, Asset Recovery, MSME Credit, Corporate Credit, and Foreign Exchange.

Mr. Sarangi retired as a General Manager from Bank of India, leaving a legacy of excellence in the Head Office. His progressive history of achievements extends across diverse roles within Commercial Banking, showcasing his versatility and comprehensive understanding of the industry.

During his tenure, Mr. Sarangi held key positions such as Head of Rural, Semi-Urban, Urban, and Metro branches, indicating his proficiency in managing banking operations across different settings. His exposure in Credits, Foreign Exchange, and Corporate Banking further solidifies his credentials as a well-rounded banking professional. Additionally, Mr. Sarangi served as Zonal Head and Head of the Recovery Department in the Corporate Office of the Bank, demonstrating his capabilities in strategic leadership and handling critical aspects of the banking business.

Mr. Mayank D. Shah

Advisory Board (Mumbai)

Mr. Mayank Shah brings over 38 years of invaluable experience in the financial industry. Throughout his illustrious career, he has held pivotal roles across various branches and administrative offices, showcasing his versatility and depth of expertise.

His journey has encompassed significant contributions in departments such as the International Division, Credit Department, Transaction Banking Department, and I.T. Department. This diverse exposure underscores Mr. Shah’s comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of investment banking.

In addition to his diverse roles, Mr. Shah has served as the Senior Regional Manager in both Chennai and South Mumbai, demonstrating his leadership capabilities in managing operations across different regions. His tenure as the General Manager (SAM & RECV) at Central Bank of India’s Central Office in Mumbai further attests to his strategic acumen and proficiency in overseeing critical functions.

Beyond his responsibilities within the banking sector, Mr. Mayank Shah has extended his influence by serving on the boards of reputed domestic companies.

Mr. Venugopal Menon

Advisory Board (Mumbai)

Mr. Venugopal Menon is a distinguished figure in the realm of investment banking, boasting over four decades of invaluable experience in the field. His illustrious career culminated with the position of Chief General Manager at the esteemed Bank of Baroda.
During his tenure, Mr. Menon served as the Head of Operations, leaving an indelible mark on the bank’s operational efficiency. Prior to his retirement, he held the crucial role of overseeing the International Division, where he played a pivotal role in managing the bank’s global ventures.
Beyond his administrative roles, Mr. Menon is recognized for his profound understanding of Business Economics. His extensive knowledge in this domain has been a guiding force in shaping strategic decisions within the financial landscape.

With a legacy of leadership and a wealth of experience, Mr. Venugopal Menon stands as a testament to the enduring impact of seasoned professionals in the dynamic world of investment banking.

Mr. Praveen Anand Kumar

Advisory Board (New Delhi)

Mr. Praveen Kumar Anand is a seasoned veteran in the field of investment banking, boasting an impressive career spanning over 37 years.

Mr. Anand’s tenure included a prominent role as General Manager with Punjab National Bank, a position that reflects his senior leadership and strategic responsibilities within the organization. His experience includes serving as Divisional Head, Circle Head, and Zonal Head, showcasing his proficiency in managing different levels of operations and leading teams.
Notably, Mr. Anand actively participated in the restructuring of large Non-Performing Asset (NPA) accounts. His involvement in handling distressed situations in the Power and Steel sectors underscores his ability to provide dynamic and effective solutions, including both fresh exposure and restructuring of stressed accounts.

Mr. Anand’s expertise extends to his active participation in different committees focused on the resolution of stressed assets within the bank. This involvement reflects his commitment to finding strategic solutions and contributing to the overall financial health of the institution.

Mr. R. Ravikumar

Advisory Board (Bengaluru)

Mr. R. Ravikumar, a distinguished banking veteran with over 38 years of experience, has made significant contributions in the fields of Recovery and Legal Debt Resolution. Prior to his retirement, he served as a General Manager in the Recovery Wing at Canara Bank’s Head Office. His expertise spans Recovery & Law, Resolution of Stressed Assets, One Time Settlements, handling of ARCs, and General Banking.

Beyond his role at Canara Bank, Mr. Ravikumar served as the Chairman & CEO of Pragati Krishana Gramin Bank, showcasing his leadership in regional banking. He continues to contribute to the banking sector as a Member of the Advisory Committee of NIRB Bangalore, BIRD Mangalore, the Currency Movement study group formed by RBI, and various sub-committees of NABARD. His diverse experience and active involvement in advisory roles underscore his commitment to the broader financial landscape.